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Mr. Mendy Berkowitz


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Jewish Crohn’s and Colitis

Advocacy, Referrals, Education & Support

The Jewish Crohn’s & Colitis Support Group

Our Mission:

To provide Advocacy, Education, Help, Information, Medical referrals and Support to the people of the Orthodox Jewish community who are suffering of Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. To improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases. To spread awareness within the community

How we help: 

Medical Referrals

With our close relationship with a wide range of doctors in the field, we expedite wait time for faster appointments, and easier access to top medical care.

Education and Events

Yearly Lectures, discussing how to treat IBD medically, advised by gastroenterologists and pediatric Doctors. How diet can help, by nutritionists. Infertility and pregnancy, as well as the obstacles and ethical questions we face when it comes to Shidduchim.


We are working with several groups toward helping to support the people reaching out to us. We were very instrumental in passing the New York State Ostomy Supplies Bill, a legislation which mandates that all health insurers in the state provide coverage of ostomy supplies.


Patient & Family Support

Support in every aspect possible, several support groups, an up and running text group, where they share information and support each other, and getting them together.

Spreading Awareness

Spreading awareness within the communities, to reduce the stigma and fear associated with a genetic illness within the Jewish community.


We partnered and getting our members invloved in ongoing research studies, as we believe that by working in this direction we can find a way to prevent the disease from ever happening in the first place.

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