Re: Next Event in Baltimore

Re: Next Event in Baltimore
May 2, 2017 Info @ JCCSG

Dear member,

Enlightening update regarding the upcoming “JCCSG Support Event”, which will take place on Monday, פרשת אמור, May 8, 2017. At the home of Mr. & Mrs. Chanoch & Ilana Hoenlein, 6227 Berkeley Ave., Baltimore, MD 21209. Program to start 8:15 pm Sharp!

The Event is for patients, wives, husbands, parents and caregivers of people affected by Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Divrei Chizuk by Rabbi Shmuel Silber, Rav of Suburban Orthodox, Congregation Toras Chaim in Baltimore, Founder and Dean of the Institute for Jewish Continuity.

You can share with us your comments and suggestions by calling Mrs. Shana Sobol, JCCSG Baltimore Chapter Coordinator, at 410-598-2327, or by sending an email to We would be delighted to hear from you.

Help us spread the word. Should you know someone who might benefit, please send them this information, they might not be on our mailing list…

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