January 16, 2013 Yoely Drummer

We feel greatly indebted to you for attending in our last event. Your active participation enabled its great success. 
We owe parcels of gratitude for some very selfless individuals who sacrificed their very precious time and warmheartedly contributed with generous donations.

First and foremost, our very special friends at CCFA (Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America) greater New York Chapter.  You are our sounding board, our backbone, and our true encouragement. 

Mr. Jeffery Justin, President, our sincerest thanks to you for your insight, words of inspiration that seeped into our very bones. Jeffery, your choice of selecting Dr. Marion kicked off exceptionally great!
Mrs. Rhondell Demilici, Executive Director, thanks your presence, and selfless demeanor. We feel humbled by your character. An executive director who downscales herself to a task of preparing flyer’s is truly an upscale individual. 
Mr. Sergio Seijes, Regional Education and Support Manager, Sergio, your undiluted dedication, and your nimble coordination of the night’s event are beyond words. We are forever grateful. 
Harav R’ Chaim  Mayer Hager, JCCSG Administrator/Medical Referrals, we owe you a thank you indescribable in words. You put heart and soul into each crohn’s and colitis sufferer with unbelievable devotion. You are our lifeline, our support, and a dynamic figure in our organization. 
R’ Yankey Hirsch and his wife and the entire staff, for so gladly granting the Continental Hall yet again that was a major factor of enhancing the event.
R’ Eluzer Dovid Follman, JCCSG Board Member, for your incredible input. Our appreciation is boundless. You so skillfully conducted the evening with so much tact and power. David, you did it again and again! Three is Chazuka…
R’ Shimon Ozer Teller and his wife, for being here to help us, adding a burst of color to all awards granted.
Last but not least, the “Supreme Health Food Center” for co-sponsoring the event. Your contribution enabled the success of the event. Thanks again!

Supreme Health Food Center has four locations: 

  • Williamsburg: 264 Lee Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11206 – 718-640-1650. 
  • Boro park: 4624 16th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11204 – 718-853-3090
  • Monsey: 27 Orchard St.  Ste 213 (Shoppers Heaven) Monsey, NY 10952 – 845-426-6004
  • Lakewood: 415 Cedar Bridge Ave Lakewood NJ 08701 – 732-367-1055
CD’s will be sold in the future, anticipate further details. Should you need a copy of the first event please request via email.
Should you know of any Crohn’s or Colitis patient, that we may be of help kindly refer him/her to us to add on our contact list. You can save us a chunk on advertising. 
We are gratified to publicly announce our new grand undertaking. We are currently in our last phase of releasing a massive publication that will be distributed to all our readers in periodic basis. The intention of this scheme is to give readers an eye-opening perspective in the field of Crohn’s and Colitis.The publication boasts a wealth of informative articlesinspirational anecdotes, and crucial information.
We hope to have in the future, consistent interviews with many reputable doctors and professionals who are well versed in this field that will contribute tremendously to the many readers, patients, and family members of the sufferers.
You will be given the opportunity to submit personal stories, occurrences, or advice that may prove beneficial for many people.

In order for this noble project to come to fruition, we need mutual teamwork, and your input.
On the same note, we strongly value your comments, feedback, and insight and appreciate your time to answer the following questions which will enable us to better serve our patients and the community as a whole. 
Enclosed you will find the Survey regarding the event and in General, please devote some time to answer. your opinion is highly valued.
We thank you again to all very dear recipients for enhancing the event to its highest caliber. Thank you!

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