Event 1

Event 1
February 13, 2017 Info @ JCCSG
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Event #1
May 17, 2011. At ParCare Health & Medical Center, Williamsburg

IntroductionR’ Eluzer Duvid FollmanJCCSG Board Member

Introducing Dr. Ben-Tzvi (Z”l),

The Role of Nutrition in Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as Crohn’s Disease and Colitis: by Mr. Eliezer GruberCN. Certified Nutritionist, Educator, Researcher and Founder/Developer of the Nutri-Supreme Research line of supplements. Lectures widely on the role of nutrition in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

R’ Eluzer Duvid Follman

דברי חיזוק: Rabbi Berl Tauber, Monsey – הגה”צ רבי בערל טויבער שליט”א


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