November 25, 2014 Yoely Drummer

Dear Member,

We are grateful that you made the effort to attend last week’s event. It was only your active participation that made it as successful as it was.

The beauty of our program was due to our talented presenters. We started with Dr. Suneeta Krishnareddy‘s clear presentation about how to Take Control Managing your IBD Decision. This was followed by the very informative speech by Dr. Bindia Jharap regarding fertility, which gave us a lot of hope concerning building our family. An insightful view of pediatric IBD by Dr. Nanci Pittman, and the powerful speech by Dr. Simon Lichtiger will definitely make us calmer about our children’s’ future. They offered us a perspective which our IBD family could identify with and absorb.


Additionally, we owe parcels of gratitude to individuals who gave of their time and contributed in many ways to the success of our evening.

First and foremost, our very special friends at CCFA (Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America), greater New York Chapter. You are our sounding board, our backbone, and our true encouragement. 

Mrs. Rhondell Demilici, Regional Director; you are our lifeline, our support, and a dynamic role model in our organization. Rhondell, our sincerest thanks to you for your insight and words of inspiration that seeped into our very bones.

An extra special thanks to Mrs. Katie Pouga, Regional Education and Support Manager; Katie, your dedication along with your nimble coordination of the night’s event are beyond words. We are forever grateful. We missed you there, but we understand it was for the good of IBD patients in another area. And extra thanks for even thinking of coming soooo late…


A great friend Dr. James F. Marion, MD, Gastroenterology, Senior Faculty Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, for standing at our side at all times. Your coordination in getting us Dr. Jharap worked exceptionally well! Additionally, please accept congratulation on your new office at The Mount Sinai IBD Center.


Mrs. Devorah Shereshevsky; for your incredible input. Our appreciation is boundless. You so skillfully conducted the evening with much tact.


R’ Eluzer Kleinberger and his son Burech, for allowing us the use of the Pointe Plaza Hotel – a major factor in the success of the event.
For all Hotel or ballroom occasions you can call 718-782-7000 –

Special thanks to Yoel Kleinberger for his help! Your credit!


Asher Zelig Rosenberg, of the Kosher SCD; Your contribution enabled the success of the event. Thanks again!
To schedule a consultation re the SCD diet, please call 718-285-6242 or email


And the MY Business Solutions team, your dedicated work helped us achieve again at this symposium.

For all your bookkeeping, Amazon Settlements, Payroll and Sales Tax, feel free to call 646-791-6692 or 917-676-6022 or email


And a big Thanks to all the Publications and Newspapers as: Der Blatt, Der Yid, Weekly Link (Extra Thanks for the beautiful ad), Williamsburg Bulettin, Shoppers Route, Community Connections, KJ Journal and Git Morgen/ Akeres Habayis for all your help and understandings! 


CD’s will be sold in the future; please expect further details.

Please feel free to refer any Crohn’s or Colitis patient whom we can help to us in order to add them to our contact list.

On the same note, we strongly value your comments, feedback, and insight which will enable us to better serve our patients and the community as a whole.

We are looking into setting up a workshop in the Monsey/New Square area. Should you have any suggestions or ideas regarding such a workshop, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We need your advice!

We thank you again, our very dear recipients, for enhancing the event.

All The Best!
Yoely Drummer
Founder & Executive Director 

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